IAHD-Professional Certification

IAHD Pro-Training

The IAHD Pro-Training is a totally integrated program for Divemasters, Assistant Instructors and Instructors which consists of two to three days of classroom, pool and open water training. Candidates learn:

• To be able to relate to some of the common psychological aspects of disabled persons.

• The characteristics of various physical disabilities, and how they relate to scuba diving.

• To recognize and adapt to some of the unique characteristics of mental & emotional disabilities.

• How to overcome some of the problems you may encounter when training physically disabled divers, through simulations and workshops in both confined and open water environments.

• Proven methods for assisting those with sight impairment, hearing impairment, spinal injuries, amputations, and other disabilities.

• How to adapt and modify normal diving equipment to the needs of the disabled diver.

• To anticipate the needs and attitudes of challenged students and to develop a foresight in logistic awareness and considerations.

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